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Wide range of photography services in Hong Kong

Not limited to event photography services, product photography services, conference and party photography services, sports event photography services, etc.

Welcome to HQ PHOTO HK

Specialized in Event Photography and Live Streaming

We promise to give our customers comprehensive and reliable professional Event Photography and Live Streaming Services

Why Choosing Us?

Shooting Quality

Being a professional event photography service provider in Hong Kong. Our equipment is all at an advanced level, guaranteeing that all photos and videos are in the best quality.

Clear Price

The price of the event photography service is clearly stated, details will be all listed clearly. There is no hidden cost. Our mission is to provide quality service at a reasonable price, you can enjoy our services worry-free.

Great Customer Service

Customers can contact us by email, phone, fax, WhatsApp, Facebook, or come to our company in person to get inquiries and quotes. Our team will patiently answer your questions and give you valuable shooting suggestions. Our service scope will be clearly stated and will send to you for reference.

Efficient Delivery

It takes us 7-10 business days after the event to finish the post-production and share with you our online portal to download all photos.

Professional Photography Workflow

Before Shooting

We will have face-to-face communication with you to get their ideas and requirements for the photo shoot. At this stage, we encourage our customers to provide as much information as possible, helping us drive an ideal setting and rundown for your project.

Shooting Day

Our team of professional photographers will arrive at the venue as planned. We understand that there may be some changes during the photo shooting process, we will try our best to fit the needs of our customers.


After the shooting, we will edit and retouch the photos to ensure the image quality. After all photos are fully post-processed, they will be uploaded to our online portal for you to download.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do you need event photography services?

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Event photography is not only taking pictures but also recording special moments. Event photography contains some artistic elements and acts as a medium to deliver messages and emotions. Our Hong Kong professional photographer team can utilize the shooting venue, with light and flash, to produce works that meet customers’ requirements. Excellent photos can even help customers and brands to promote a positive image.

Why choose HQ PHOTO HK? 

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HQ PHOTO HK is one of the Hong Kong photography companies with many years of shooting experience. Each time we work with our customers, we treat each project as a unique one and deliver the best results to them. Our Hong Kong professional photographer team captures precious moments and tells stories with cameras. No matter what kind of event, we can always capture the best moments.

What are the charges for photography services in Hong Kong? 

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Hong Kong event photography service fees are affected by many factors. Generally, Hong Kong event photography companies do not have a fixed price, the cost is usually determined by the scale of the event, the complexity, and the equipment used. Therefore, it is very important to communicate with our HK photographer team and list out the details. Let us understand your shooting needs, style, and post-production requirements before giving you the quote for the project.

Do I need to book a event photography service in advance?

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Yes. No matter which type of photography service you choose, you need to make an appointment in advance in order to communicate with our Hong Kong event photographers. Since the requirements and expectations of each project are different, the preparation time required may vary. Booking our service in advance allows our professional photographers to have enough time to prepare before the shooting day and conceive a workflow and contingency plans to ensure high-quality works will be delivered.

Does your event photography service include a post-production charge? 

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Yes, most of the photos delivered by our professional event photographers will go through the post-production process to unify the tone, such as adjusting the color temperature, brightness, saturation, etc. If you have any requirements regarding the post-production process, please notify our team, and some extra costs may be charged.

When will the photos be received after the shooting is complete? 

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We understand that customers want to receive the album as soon as possible after the event, our HK photographer team will get the job done as soon as possible, it usually take us 7-10 business days. We will send you an email or Whatsapp message for the exact delivery day. Once the photo editing is done, we will upload it to our online portal so you can view and download all the images and videos. If you need an urgent delivery, please contact us and we will make arrangements depending on our working schedule.

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